How much does servicing cost?

Servicing costs can vary and can be quite confusing when getting quotes from different shops. For example, a minor service on a small scooter can only cost $150, whereas a major service on a late model Honda V-Tec VFR800 can have a minimum labour cost of $1,200.

At Mark Tudor Motorcycles, we deliver quality motorcycle servicing across a range of motorcycles, and only deal with the most reputable parts suppliers. Our aim is to provide competitive pricing and value every step of the way.

Most Japanese motorcycles have a minimum service rate of $150-$200, in addition to the cost of parts, which is classified as a “Minor Service”. A Minor Service can, at certain intervals have additional costs, including but not limited to: servicing the air filter, brake and coolant fluid replacement, plus any added maintenance such as brake pads and tyre replacements.

We provide a free multi-point safety check with every motorcycle and scooter service. Our constant aim is to maintain all vehicles for optimum levels of safety and performance, for the entire life of the vehicle. Your peace of mind is in owning a safe, reliable vehicle that retains a strong value in the used vehicle market.

Excellent quality work and competitive pricing is our guarantee. Provide us with a competitor’s quote and we’ll match or better the deal for you.

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