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Get your flannel on!

Due to overwhelming bookings we are now open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and on Saturday-Sunday 10am-2pm. On weekends we can only accept minor bookings such as basic services and fork servicing. We’ve also updated our website to have a News section (you are here) – where you can find updates and the latest information about Mark Tudor Motorcycles. There’s also an RSS feed if you want the updates straight to your desktop widgets or to link on your own websites. As some of you may already know we’re going to be closed for a couple weeks from this Friday 15th February – Thursday 31st March ’13; however we are still accepting phone calls for bookings! Our expansion is heavily under way and we appreciate all your support! We’re close to 3000 hits on the website already – and its all thanks to you guys, thank you for the support.


If any of you guys are Forum Trolls, you may have noticed I’ve been poking my way around – helping out those new to motorcycling, those who are looking for a little nudge with that home project & as always – if any mechanics out there is having a brain fart and just needs some direction with some diagnosis/troubleshooting.


Keep cool this summer

I will try my best to get back to all your emails and PMs – but if you need help fast – feel free to give me a call. Some of the questions I am answering in the forums will be edited and uploaded on our website as we continue to update our “Frequently Asked Questions”; which you can just forward onto me any time if you like. As I always say – take all the information on forums like a grain of salt and use your better judgement. Don’t always believe what people are saying because it happened to their bike once upon a time or some Joe Blog told them a story about a bike playing up a few years ago.

Stay upright guys!
– Mark

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