Quick late night update.

motorbike1Just a quick post to let everyone know the progress of the move: We’ve moved 99% of the workshop over to the new location, but who would’ve thought there was more than just a simple relocation of items?!? The majority of gear is at the new workshop – its just a matter of placement for optimum use and clean-out of the new suspension room (currently very dusty) – but a long brush, vacuum and extraction is working and the new suspension room is well under way. This week will see MTMotorcycles advance to awesomely sweet heights (not only because we are now sitting on the very top of the Seventh Hill of Seven Hills) but also because the new layout and new tech will bring a new era to motorcycling maintenance development. Throughout the week we will receive updates of some good quality product in equipment, filters and not to mention oils! We may however not be taking anymore major bookings for the rest of this current week (12th-16th August ’13) due to us being very busy cleaning and setting up/prepping new workshop.

Huge thank you to all those involved in the move – my main man Freddy, Brendan, Ryan & my beautiful wife Katie Tudor.

Big shout out to Mateo Watts for helping the initial set up of lighting – and for the future work later in the week hooking up power points & more electrical work. Couldn’t have done it without the help of Mat – not only an awesome sparky but a great bloke.

Future updates to come – with pictures.. (should’ve taken more “befores”..) but still looking forward to an awesome year in the new settlement!


Tbe New Workshop (we wish!)

Tbe New Workshop (we wish!)

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