Happy New Year! Welcome our new project bike

Happy new year to all! Welcome back to another exciting year ahead in the motorcycling community/industry! 2014 brought on the best year so far for us here at Mark Tudor Motorcycles with the new shop opening up in Castle Hill, and getting a LOT of attention from an article that was posted in RAPID bikes magazine; doing a full page spread on us and the amount we’ve achieved in such little time. We could not of course have come this far without our loyal customers and our new customers that have had the MTMC experience and shared with their friends! Thanks again for a wonderful year and we look forward to another exceptional year in 2015!

Another new addition to the workshop is a project bike which we picked up in late 2014 – we have started work on it and will continue to update through our website – but for the most up to date information will be over our Facebook page! So head over, check it out and be sure to give us a “Like” to keep up to date on any specials or just general motorcycle news and interesting articles/videos. Here is a current pic of our Project bike.



It’s originally a 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 650 and we are looking to do some major mods and turn it into a stunt bike! The benefit of sharing our story with you is that often people are worried about taking on project bikes as they can cost a lot of money – but we’re here to prove that is not the case! We will update the site and show prices we’ve paid for the parts used and prove that you can too own a custom bike without the huge price tag, it just takes patience and a source of parts that won’t cost you the earth! Ebay is an extremely great source of parts for building bikes – we use it very regulary as well as our normal suppliers and the occasional aussie wrecker. Unfortunately our front rim was buckled, so we tried to source someone to repair and they wanted well over $300 – which is outrageous as they can cost less than that for a new one from a wrecker. However, we persevered and figured – well we may have to buy a new one anyway, may aswell give it a shot and try to fix it ourselves. Result ended up well – not perfect but suprisingly good! If it proves to be an issue down the track we can simply replace the front wheel. Being a stunt bike, it is not necessary to comply to ADR or restricted by any rules/regulations so it’s really up to yours – and our imagination. Updates to the build will come through slowly, but surely as we attempt to build an affordable, different style stunt bike. Most bikes out there are ZX636’s, F4i’s, CBR600, etc so we thought we would take a different approach.

We came across the carcass of this Ninja 650 for an extremely affordable price – $300! Yes it is preloved and has sustained a good amount of damage – but it’s perfect for our purpose. The stock front suspension isn’t the best on this model so we are looking into doing some upgrades and adding some upside down forks and upgrade the brakes. Stay tuned for more info!

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