Ninja 650 Stunt bike update

As we are preparing to change the front end of our Ninja 650 into an upside down fork conversion, we are going to need some new radial brakes – and because the ’05 ZX10 model is getting old (10 years!) the parts prices have dropped dramatically in the past few years so we are going to use the front end off that model. First, we ordered a bunch of brake calipers from America as they are ridiculously cheap compared to buying in Australia. They have a high amount of postage, but by the time they get here with the cost added up it’s still cheaper. After emails to and fro with an ebay member, a large wrecker in Odessa, Florida we managed to source 6 radial brake calipers that ended up working out to be only $30/each. No, we’re not crazy – we will be adding extra brake calipers to the rear of the bike to create a handbrake and over-sized disc set up. So with calipers in hand – we set forward stripping them all down and overhauling each one to get them in almost brand new condition. We did not replace seals – simply removed them, cleaned the housing and the seals – then rubber greased the seals and reused them (A good industry trick for calipers where only half the pistons are operating). Here are a few pictures:


10421583_839537576109709_8189155923430309575_n 10888923_839537599443040_6049437975946500559_n


We were fortunate enough to buy calipers that were in not too bad condition – all the mechanical parts are perfect, however the housing paint has seen better days. We are currently painting them black – with just a simple pressure can, nothing too special as we are keeping costs down. It’s also a stunt bike – so it’s designed to fall over, and there’s no point spending thousands of dollars on paint work only to be dropped and scratched the first ride out. There was a lot of ‘gunk’ build up on a few of the calipers so just a soak in parts cleaner fixed that up and the grime just fell off. It’s only early days but we’re starting to get excited at this build as it’s going to be something pretty rare.


Stay tuned as once they’re painted and reassembled we will give you a sneak preview of the custom rear brake set up we intend on using! If you have any questions or queries – feel free to drop us a line and ask.

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