Exciting times ahead!

As the financial year draws to an end, a new exciting project is already under way and hoping to be up and running full time in a few months. We’ve spent thousands building a spare parts counter, and we are contineously stocking weekly. Hopefully by 2016 we will have a full blown online store up and running at very competitive prices! Unfortunately our Australian Dollar isn’t looking too crash hot at the moment, so nearly every importer has raised their prices. We are still keeping the same price for all our parts through the workshop though!

Stay tuned for more updates, we are also looking at hiring staff to run the website and spare parts counter in the future, so if you know anyone, tell them to get in touch.

We will be stocking almost everything. If you want something in particular stocked, let us know! We hope to have full ranges of rear sets, grips, exhausts, air filters, oil filters, lubes, oils, tyres and so much more. Thank you everyone for all your support.

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