MTMC- Soon to be new hub for all your GPS Vehicle Tracking!

Due to a recent partnership with a very successful GPS tracking business, Mark Tudor Motorcycles has acquired the rights to be the re-seller for Australia for the only Legally Certified tracking GPS system in our country, and it’s totally affordable!

Current users pay anywhere from $30-$150/month for GPS tracking (+min$199-$599 for a tracking unit), and is mostly under the counter sale or private – and has very minimal features. Well I have good news for you! Due to technology advancements, GPS tracking has now become affordable from Uni Students, to CEO’s and business owners! This revolutionary movement will change the future and safety of our families for generations to come.  The recent rise in thefts and demand has called for this service to arise, and now it’s time.

Mark Tudor Motorcycles will be the source for all GPS tracking needs in Australia. A brief summary of a few features are: GPS perimeter fencing (if you park your vehicle in a zone, and it’s moved more than 10 metres outside of that zone, you will receive a text or email in real-time). Constant, real time tracking 24/7. History check, look up previous locations traveled and follow the route. Received a text that your bike has just been stolen? Follow it in real time! Can be used in cars, motorcycles, jet-skis, trucks, even just to track packages or trailers.

More information will be available in the weeks to come, at this stage I was too excited to hold the info onto myself, and must share it with everyone. Units will start arriving next week from as cheap as $99 – with FREE installation! Drop in store to check out one of our units now on display, and get all the information you need, as well as a quick introduction on how to use the extremely user friendly web-based software. Yes! Log in from any computer or smart phone any time and check logs and location of as many trackers as you like.


Updates coming soon! Watch this space and follow us on Facebook for all the latest info.


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