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Like many motorcycle mechanics, Mark Tudor began riding at a very young age. The fascination started after throwing his leg over a Yamaha PW50 at a friend’s property. As time passed, there were plenty more chances to practice motorcycle riding which led to the eventual purchase of his first motorcycle. His two-stroke Kawasaki KX125 was a big jump up from the small displacement bikes he was used to and provided an early learning curve to riding and maintaining motorcycles.

The 125cc dirt bike had several problems, including (but not limited to) starting issues and loss of power. Mark learned how to fix the problems he noticed. Then, beyond fixing problems, Mark began a focus on improving the performance of his first motorcycle. At a young age Mark already had experience diagnosing problems, basic servicing and replacing parts.

Throughout High School, Mark became known as the go-to man for all things motorcycle related. His keen passion for dynamic machines was reflected by excellent results in Advanced Mathematics and Physics during the Higher School Certificate, which founded his understanding of suspension systems and internal combustion engines. With HSC in hand, Mark approached the local bike shop in Parramatta to start as a junior mechanic. This was the beginning of a long life and journey into the world of motorcycles and industry.

Mark pushed to increase his technical knowledge and practical skills over the next three years. His superiors rewarded the outstanding performance with an early Apprenticeship graduation. As a qualified trades person, the knowledge and experience accumulated even quicker than during his initial years of learning. Mark took part in many specialised courses and technical training with market leading manufacturers such as Kawasaki and Honda, as well as attending seminars for aftermarket products and services.

Mark sky-rocketed through Honda’s Certified Technician training, gaining certification in the Basic, Advanced and Master Degree. During his training in Melbourne, Mark advanced his knowledge on fuel injection, diagnostics, cam timing, fuel mapping and how they all relate within a highly technical, integrated system.

A highlight in Mark’s recent career was working with Paul Thede at RaceTech Suspension, gaining exposure to the best work and technology in motorcycle suspension. Mark is trained to fit Gold Valves and is a qualified RaceTech Suspension Tuner.

In between the advanced training seminars and courses, it was rare to see Mark away from the  tools; always testing new ideas in the real world. Mark’s fresh approach to ideas and practical applications has built him a solid reputation in the industry, as a great engine builder, suspension specialist and fuel system tuner.

Now, with over twelve years in the industry, Mark Tudor is sharing his experience and knowledge through an honest and direct mode of business. The vision of Mark Tudor Motorcycles is to ensure riding performance and confidence to all clients of the business.

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The Team at Mark Tudor Motorcycles

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