How do I maintain the chain?

Our observations show chains and sprockets normally last between 10,000km to 40,000km, depending on the frequency of adjustments and the style of rider. The original chain and sprockets that come with your bike (from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, or ‘OEM’ for short) tend to last a lot longer than the aftermarket products getting around. OEM […]

Which octane petrol should I use?

Which octane petrol should I use? Australia generally has a choice between 91, 92, 95 or 98 octane unleaded fuels. The ideal fuel for your motorcycle depends not only on engine design but also whether your bike owns a re-mappable ECU/can have its ignition advanced/retarded.  As a standard, most bike shops will recommend using 95 […]

What’s the best brand to buy?

All of them! One of the best things about motorcycles is their ability to attract almost anyone from anywhere; from your inner city business executive to your hard yakka country worker, we all share the same passion! One man’s dream bike can be another man’s nightmare. Luckily for all riders, we have the freedom of […]

How much does servicing cost?

Servicing costs can vary and can be quite confusing when getting quotes from different shops. For example, a minor service on a small scooter can only cost $150, whereas a major service on a late model Honda V-Tec VFR800 can have a minimum labour cost of $1,200. At Mark Tudor Motorcycles, we deliver quality motorcycle […]

When should I service my motorcycle?

The quickest and easiest way to answer this is to refer to your Owners Manual or Service Manual.  Most Japanese motorcycles specify to get your first service completed at 1,000km or within three months of purchasing your bike, followed by a service at 6,000kms or 6 months from your first service.  From that point on […]

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