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Why are we Western Sydney's Unbeatable Motorcycle Mechanic?

Unbeatable Value

There's no reason to compromise the health of your motorcycle just to save a few dollars! Our low overheads and many years of experience combine for unbeatable value in motorcycle servicing.


Direct Service

Cut out the middle man and deal directly with a Head Mechanic you can trust. A better line of communication means a quicker service and more accurate feedback for the customer.



Let's discuss the most convenient time and place for your service - for some smaller jobs, a licensed mobile mechanic can visit your home.


Our Promise

A fully qualified motorcycle mechanic with specialised training for major bike brands will work on your pride and joy. If you're looking for the best of the best, MTMotorcycles is for you.



Hey everyone, don’t forget tomorrow night is BIKE NIGHT at SYDNEY DRAGS! LIKE or SHARE our Facebook group “Mark Tudor Motorcycles” to go in the draw to WIN free tickets to Bike Night! Winning participants will be announced a week before the next Drag meet on 14th November

Back to work! The moves over!

We’ve successfully finished the move, but the work hasn’t finished there, our first week back has seen us very busy with a bunch of bikes that have been waiting patiently for us to open our doors back up. After a few 12 hour shifts, we’re pretty much back on track, however there’s still much work […]

Quick late night update.

Just a quick post to let everyone know the progress of the move: We’ve moved 99% of the workshop over to the new location, but who would’ve thought there was more than just a simple relocation of items?!? The majority of gear is at the new workshop – its just a matter of placement for […]

Awesome online reviews!

Just a quick post – Wanted to mention some great people helping the business grow – Big thanks out to all our amazing customers for some awesome write ups in and around the net! Your contributions to our business goes 10x further than you think. With such amazing feedback we have been able to grow […]

Ride in Peace Ty

    Unfortunately yesterday during Tys’ practice run to set a new 250cc distance record, he lost his life in a fatal accident. All our condolences and best wishes are with Tys’ family at this time. It feels like it was only yesterday when we made a post to him wishing him good luck. So […]

Forum responses

Due to lessons learnt trying to help people through forums, we will no longer continue to use forums as a medium to help out the motorcycling community, but instead will continue to offer the best help we can through our Frequently Asked Questions. For those from the forums still seeking advice, all I can suggest […]

The sun is out! Lets ride!

After weeks of terrible rain and thunderstorms it looks like the weather has finally cleared up for the beginning of Autumn – which means its time to ride! Thank you all for the support we’ve received over the past few weeks – its been very entertaining! A big thank you is also due to everyone […]

We’re back!

Good news! – We’re back open a little earlier than planned and we are looking forward to getting back into the bikes after a long trip away in the Whitsundays – where there are almost zero bikes! :-(… Luckily we had a chance to fill our engine-revving cravings by hiring out some awesome 1500cc Sea […]

Happy Valentines Day

  Happy Valentines Day everyone! If your looking around last minute for the perfect gift for your boyfriend/husband, girlfriend/wife then we offer last minute gift vouchers with 10% off servicing! Tell your partner or spouse just to mention this post and from 14th February – 14th March they will have 10% off their next service! […]

Website update & News section

  Due to overwhelming bookings we are now open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and on Saturday-Sunday 10am-2pm. On weekends we can only accept minor bookings such as basic services and fork servicing. We’ve also updated our website to have a News section (you are here) – where you can find updates and the latest information about Mark […]


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